plants have been installed in every part of the world. We have significant market share for extruded filament plant production in the United States and China. Our sales office, which is based in Italy, acts as the contact point for ourclients worldwide. Our network of competent sales agents around the world are adept at interpreting client needs and acting as liason with our technicians from plant design to plant installation. They work along with clients in bringing together our technology and client specifications.

We produce plants, not just machines. Our design concept is to create modules suitable for pre-installation assembly. We develop and produce close-coupled stand alone plants which are sophisticated in component technology yet at the same time quick and easy to install. The modular component design allows us to give our clients custom designs to meet space and production needs. The plants are equally easy to operate and maintain.

Our engineers have developed many patented processes, including the warp drawing system which produces up to 48 threadlines of BCF/FOY for industrial use and-or textile applications. We also have several patents on texturizing jets, godets and ther key conponents. The human factor is considered in every level of design, from conception to installation and finally to maintenance and operation.

Our concept in modular design and construction allows us to produce plants quickly, efficiently and at very competitive prices. It also gives us the maximum in flexibility for design modifications to meet client specifications.

We design all of our plants with components built by suppliers to meet our specificatations, In his way,

have more than a decade of successful experience in producing compact plants for upholstry and carpet applications. Solid colored yarns can also be manufactured on these plants. Polypropylene and Polyamide 6 are extruded on the same machine with minimal change-over time. We are constantly improving the design, construction and performance of the traditional BCF plant focusing on customer needs, using the latest technology. Polypropylene and Polyamide 6 are melted, spun, draw texturized and wound on bobbins as yarn ready for use. The design and the efficiency of the color blending system make small batch production feasible. One operator can control the entire one-step process. Process setting is simple and a given recorded set of batch perameters can be reproduced at anytime. High quality production with low start-up costs is easily achieved.

Extrusion -- Plant can be equipped with 6 extruders to produce two different 3 color solution dyed yarns simultaneously. Special twin-flight screw.

are the best choice for production of high tenacity yarns for industrial application. The plants are compact and incorporate the results of scientific R & D in the specific field of flat yarn.

The innovative configuration is simple in concept yet sophisticated in specific features. From the specially designed godet heating system to the maximum relaxation to winder in the final draw process. We call the godet heating system "middle frequency induction". The inductor is continuously controlled by an inverter; in this way the temperature profile along the roll is absoulately constant because the response of the system is very fast and very accurate.

Many production plants for highly and fully drawn yarn require a two-step process. We have created a compact one-step process plant which is easy to run and maintain. When fully installed, a standard 4 module plant with 16 threadlines fits into an overall area of less than 70 square meters with a height of 7.5 meters. The working space is built to allow for easy string up by all operators.

These plants can produce yarns made from PET, PA6 and PP, in a wide denier range from 100 to 800 den. Higher yarn counts can be achieved by plying up 2 ends. Color changes are extremely quick (about 5 minutes) and easy, with minimum waste levels. Production of fully oriented and partially oriented yarns in low deniers for textile application is also possible on these plants

This module provides two vital functions: The FPC for the first time on an extrusion line delivers vital process quality and statistic, perform process self diagnostic and triggers alarms when process problems occur. The DTM module automatically collects the bobbins directly from the full winder spindle. Safely and efficiently delivers then to a palletizing robot or simply to an inclined packaging chute. You can buy the DTM-FPC module on any line equipped with winders.